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Pediatric Conversion Key – Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator (AED)


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Pediatric Key for the Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator – 1 Piece

The FRx Model can easily be converted to Pediatric use (for youth 9 & under) with the insertion of a Pediatric Key.  This design allows for a single set of pads to service the AED unit, but still allowing it to convert quickly to use on youth.  One additional benefit is that only one size of replacement pads are needed for the unit – if they are due to be replaced or after use.

Using the Philips SMART Biphasic waveform formulation the HeartStart FRx Defibrillator will calibrate to the injured to make the first shock the right shock in the event of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).
Applying the correct shock quickly and effectively can impact on the level of care for an individual and greatly increase the benefit to injured which can lead to faster recovery, reduction cost of medical care, and overall trauma to the injured.

Basic Use:  Just place the SMART Pads on the person’s bare skin and turn the unit on.  The SMART Pads will provide feedback to the Defibrillator to assess the injured.  The Defibrillator  an adapt its voice instructions to your actions and your pace. The SMART Pads sense when they have been placed on the patient and when you’ve completed each step. The system won’t announce the next step until you are ready. Prompts are repeated and include additional instructions to aid understanding.

– One Pediatric Key for the FRx Model

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