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First Aid 4U is a multi-award winning Red Cross Training Partner for First Aid and CPR / AED Training.

We are an Ontario based First Aid and CPR training provider for businesses, groups, associations and individuals. First Aid 4U offers WSIB approved First Aid and CPR training courses throughout Ontario and we are one of the fastest growing training companies in Canada.

No private company in Canada has more training facilities or offers more public courses than First Aid 4U.

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Testimonials & Reviews



Ben SmithBen Smith
03:48 14 Jul 24
Hawley was a great instructor, i enjoyed the course very much.
Leadine OrsarLeadine Orsar
22:33 08 Jul 24
My instructor was Dawoud and I did a BLS class and he was an amazing instructor! I learned a lot and he was very respectful and allowed us to make mistakes and correct them. I would recommend!
Sue BrewerSue Brewer
02:33 08 Jul 24
Outstanding instructor, Hawley Lepine. After attending first aid courses many times over the years, this was the first time when I (and everyone else attending the course) was riveted and you could hear a pin drop when the instructor spoke. He underscored important points in the course by peppering it with vivid real life suspenseful first aid stories, and a healthy dose of humour. Students were coached closely in the practical portion of the course to ensure they were successful. for e.g. application of CPR & AED, as well as splints and slings. Highly recommend this instructor and hope he is available when I am required to take my refresher.
Blanchard AkeudjiBlanchard Akeudji
19:59 07 Jul 24
It wa awesome. We had a great experience in a convivial place. Very practical and tactful teaching method. Thanks once more.
Ruth RoeschRuth Roesch
09:25 07 Jul 24
This gentleman was absolutely great at his job
Fred ArthurFred Arthur
21:33 05 Jul 24
Crystal BCrystal B
22:43 04 Jul 24
My First time and experience with Judy for First Aid and CPR and let me tell you. It was the most hands on, interactive and best class I have ever been to. Judy has the biggest heart and shows it in what she loves to do with heart and soul in it. She has not only taught me new skills in her class but understands every one at their own level of learning. She is one amazing person, and wears her heart on her sleeve. Thank you Judy for doing what you do and who you are. You keep reaching those stars. You show that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Your a warrior ❤️ Sudbury location
Ekene NwumeEkene Nwume
05:58 04 Jul 24
I completed the standard first aid/ car and AED training at the Mississauga facility, and it was a wonderful experience. Trainer made sure everyone was following the entire time, and although the material to cover was a lot, he made it enjoyable. would highly recommend.
Ebenezer Aaron NyakoEbenezer Aaron Nyako
23:24 17 Jun 24
I was privileged to be taught by Josh (MD). Fantastic instructor who really delivered the study materials in a lively way to ensure we all got it practically. I personally recommend this course for everybody out there to save lives during emergencies. Thank you FirstAid4U.
The trainer was amazing with very high teaching skills
Globe’s MonrealGlobe’s Monreal
21:09 17 Jun 24
Alicia EmamalieAlicia Emamalie
17:12 17 Jun 24
Very interactive and modern teacher who had an clear understanding of the course content and most important who knew how to ensure that it was well understood by all students.
Shadé MuipatayiShadé Muipatayi
16:31 17 Jun 24
The teacher was amazing very interactive with us the students, by giving the lesson but also referencing with real life situations so that you could grasp the seriousness of first aid training and would make us laugh to ease the tension in the room, I am confident I know what to do as a trained first aider. Thank you
jamie mableyjamie mabley
22:11 11 Jun 24
Attended the Scarborough location. Straight forward learning. Teacher was Viktoria I did not care for her aggressive attitude towards different students. I would not attend with her again.
Peter “Hmmmm” PPeter “Hmmmm” P
20:43 08 Jun 24
Andy the instructor did a great job with this course ! Keep on going
Dominic EekelsDominic Eekels
20:54 02 Jun 24
Absolutely fantastic teacher. She is knowledgeable and it was very clear that she wanted to make sure that everyone understood what they were learning.
experience was amazing, liked the instructor teaching style
Mandy ReyesMandy Reyes
14:10 30 May 24
I’m satisfied with the First Aid and CPR course (2 days; May 28 - 29, 2024) I attended at FirstAid4U London, Ontario office. I loved how they execute especially the practical step by step procedures. Thanks to our trainer, Ms. Nicole.
Jaime RomeroJaime Romero
14:00 30 May 24
It was an awesome experience.Amazing instructor! With alot of knowledge and the ability to teach and train anyone! AWESOME
Marc BeaudinMarc Beaudin
13:43 30 May 24
Fantastic teacher (Ran) very informative and keept things lively. I'll be recommending this course to everyone.
Henry ChikwenduHenry Chikwendu
13:42 30 May 24
The training was worth it
Chamara DissanayakeChamara Dissanayake
21:41 12 May 24
Nofah HamelNofah Hamel
20:37 12 May 24
Thanks to Mr. David, his explanation was clear and simple to understand
Myra McMahonMyra McMahon
20:25 12 May 24
Mister David Smith, was very easy to understand. Great Soul! Thank you.
Marz SasuMarz Sasu
12:45 11 May 24
sonia rubysonia ruby
04:26 11 May 24
Review for Oakville Location: Instructor Rymon Isaac was excellent!! The 2-day training was very interactive and help.. Learn a a lot.
Steve HallSteve Hall
19:31 10 May 24
Ciza NadineCiza Nadine
18:14 08 May 24
It was very helpful, interesting and fun!
Furtuu SeenaFurtuu Seena
02:45 04 May 24
Thank you so muchGod bless you TeacherU are good Teacher
Kanwal FatimaKanwal Fatima
20:29 03 May 24
Peter FeeleyPeter Feeley
23:02 01 May 24
Our trainer and facilitator David Smith is a wealth of knowledge and experience. David was pleasant, accommodating, and supportive of all the needs of our class throughout the training. It was a strength-based learning experience and and questions or clarification needed were given with pleasure. I would recommend First Aid 4U for this training and any other for all who may require it.
selma ozdemirselma ozdemir
23:06 27 Apr 24
Derek QuadeDerek Quade
23:23 26 Apr 24
Very detailed
ChrAshley FarrellChrAshley Farrell
22:49 24 Apr 24
I just finished my 2 day certification for Standard First Aid, and the experience was excellent. Our instructor, Dave “Smitty” Smith, did an absolute amazing job. Smitty was thorough, did a real great job explaining the why, and set up each scene with some really great examples and explanations as to “what if” something doesn’t go as planned. Well done!Chris Farrell
Otania EboyOtania Eboy
20:14 24 Apr 24
Buchi NwohaBuchi Nwoha
19:57 22 Apr 24
Graeme SmithGraeme Smith
18:49 21 Apr 24
Great course, I learned a lot. Smitty was an amazing instructor. Would hope to run into him again some day.
Pamela DilawriPamela Dilawri
22:40 17 Apr 24
Well taught class from an educator that has a wealth of experience in his own personal life. Much appreciated David .
Godfrey JoekumarGodfrey Joekumar
02:56 17 Apr 24
David Smith was a great teacher for my First Aid training (First Aid, CPR, + AED training). He made learning super fun and easy by sharing his real-life experiences, which helped us understand why we were doing the exercises. Overall what a great experience. Thank you again David!
Raya AlhamdanRaya Alhamdan
20:15 13 Apr 24
Burlington,, Our instructor, was Dr Rymon,,he was amazing,,great information in a simple way,, Thank you Rymon
Erin SteadErin Stead
15:36 11 Apr 24
David Smith was a very engaging and knowledgeable instructor. It was not only very informative, but fun to learn First Aid, CPR and AED training. His real-life experiences helped to put a why to the exercises we were doing.
22:17 10 Apr 24
I had a two days first aid course. Mr . Rymon was an excellent instructor.
19:57 10 Apr 24
Was quite informativ