WSIB Workplace Qualifications

Ontario First Aid training requirements specifies that there is no minimum number of employees, under which you might be exempt from Regulation 1101. It applies to all companies, no matter how many employees.

For employers with 1 to 5 employees,

  • they must ensure that their first aid station is at all times in the charge of a trained worker who holds a valid Emergency First Aid certificate. They must also have immediate access to a first aid kit in their work area. The kit must contain the specific supplies as listed in the regulation and is known as an Ontario section 8 First Aid kit.

For employers with 6 to 15 employees,

For employers with 16 to 200 employees,

Employers with more than 200 or more employees,

  • the employer must provide a first aid room in addition to the required Ontario section 10 First Aid kits at each work area. This room must be in the charge of a registered nurse, or a worker holding a Standard First Aid certificate , or its equivalent, and who does not perform other work of a nature that is likely to affect adversely his/her ability to administer first aid.