If you are not sure what level of training you require we have listed generalized course descriptions below to assist you.


Standard First Aid & CPR Level C/AED

Standard First Aid & CPR Level C/AED

Course Description:

Comprehensive course offering first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for those who need training due to work requirements or who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies at home. Course meets legislation requirements for provincial/territorial worker safety and insurance boards and includes the latest first aid and CPR guidelines.

Full Certification Formats Available:


Emergency First Aid & CPR Level C/AED

Emergency First Aid & CPR Level C/AED – LEARN MORE

Course Description:

Basic course offering an overview of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for the workplace or home. Course includes the latest first aid and CPR guidelines. The Red Cross Course; exceeds competitors’ standards, by including injury prevention content, CPR and AED skills.

Duration: 8 hours in-class (9AM – 5PM) or Blended 3 hours online and 5 hours in-class (9AM – 2PM)

Pricing: $99 + hst

Blended Emergency First Aid: Eastern ON | GTA | Western ON | Northern ON

Emergency First Aid: Eastern ON | GTA | Western ON | Northern ON



Course Description:

Courses on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillation provide the skills needed to recognize and respond to cardiovascular emergencies and choking for adults, children, and babies. Course also includes, use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) for; adults, children, and babies. This course is suitable for those looking for training for the workplace, schooling, or for their own general interest.

Duration: 6 hours in-class (9AM – 3PM) or Blended 2 hours online and 3 hours in-class (9AM – Noon)

Pricing: $65 + hst.

Blended CPR: Eastern ON | GTA | Western ON | Northern ON

CPR: Eastern ON | GTA | Western ON | Northern ON

Basic Life Support (BLS/HCP)

Basic Life Support (BLS/HCP) – LEARN MORE  

Course Description:

Designed to build participant confidence in performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills in a team environment for professionals with a duty to respond. Teaches the important steps to perform a rapid assessment, perform Basic Life Support (BLS) skills, and perform rapid defibrillation including use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).


In-facility care providers, including nursing staff, care aides, medical and dental professionals. Pre-hospital care providers, which may include professionals in a fire service, rescue team, sports-medicine, lifeguards and ski patrol.

Duration: 4 hours in-class. 10AM – 2PM for example.

Pricing: $70 + hst.

Basic Life Support (BLS/HCP): Eastern ON | GTA | Western ON | Northern ON

Testimonials & Reviews



Chamara DissanayakeChamara Dissanayake
21:41 12 May 24
Nofah HamelNofah Hamel
20:37 12 May 24
Thanks to Mr. David, his explanation was clear and simple to understand
Myra McMahonMyra McMahon
20:25 12 May 24
Mister David Smith, was very easy to understand. Great Soul! Thank you.
Marz SasuMarz Sasu
12:45 11 May 24
sonia rubysonia ruby
04:26 11 May 24
Review for Oakville Location: Instructor Rymon Isaac was excellent!! The 2-day training was very interactive and help.. Learn a a lot.
Steve HallSteve Hall
19:31 10 May 24
Ciza NadineCiza Nadine
18:14 08 May 24
It was very helpful, interesting and fun!
Furtuu SeenaFurtuu Seena
02:45 04 May 24
Thank you so muchGod bless you TeacherU are good Teacher
Kanwal FatimaKanwal Fatima
20:29 03 May 24
Peter FeeleyPeter Feeley
23:02 01 May 24
Our trainer and facilitator David Smith is a wealth of knowledge and experience. David was pleasant, accommodating, and supportive of all the needs of our class throughout the training. It was a strength-based learning experience and and questions or clarification needed were given with pleasure. I would recommend First Aid 4U for this training and any other for all who may require it.
selma ozdemirselma ozdemir
23:06 27 Apr 24
Derek QuadeDerek Quade
23:23 26 Apr 24
Very detailed
ChrAshley FarrellChrAshley Farrell
22:49 24 Apr 24
I just finished my 2 day certification for Standard First Aid, and the experience was excellent. Our instructor, Dave “Smitty” Smith, did an absolute amazing job. Smitty was thorough, did a real great job explaining the why, and set up each scene with some really great examples and explanations as to “what if” something doesn’t go as planned. Well done!Chris Farrell
Otania EboyOtania Eboy
20:14 24 Apr 24
Buchi NwohaBuchi Nwoha
19:57 22 Apr 24
Graeme SmithGraeme Smith
18:49 21 Apr 24
Great course, I learned a lot. Smitty was an amazing instructor. Would hope to run into him again some day.
Pamela DilawriPamela Dilawri
22:40 17 Apr 24
Well taught class from an educator that has a wealth of experience in his own personal life. Much appreciated David .
Godfrey JoekumarGodfrey Joekumar
02:56 17 Apr 24
David Smith was a great teacher for my First Aid training (First Aid, CPR, + AED training). He made learning super fun and easy by sharing his real-life experiences, which helped us understand why we were doing the exercises. Overall what a great experience. Thank you again David!
Raya AlhamdanRaya Alhamdan
20:15 13 Apr 24
Burlington,, Our instructor, was Dr Rymon,,he was amazing,,great information in a simple way,, Thank you Rymon
Erin SteadErin Stead
15:36 11 Apr 24
David Smith was a very engaging and knowledgeable instructor. It was not only very informative, but fun to learn First Aid, CPR and AED training. His real-life experiences helped to put a why to the exercises we were doing.
22:17 10 Apr 24
I had a two days first aid course. Mr . Rymon was an excellent instructor.
19:57 10 Apr 24
Was quite informative and easy to understand as facilitator explained everything in detail. Recommend everyone to take this course
Lynne RichardsonLynne Richardson
22:30 04 Apr 24
Was relaxed but educational.
Domenic FiglianoDomenic Figliano
18:43 04 Apr 24
Maged was an excellent instructor he made the course very enjoyable and made the time go by and did not make feel like a boring weekend course.
Sara BarretteSara Barrette
01:01 04 Apr 24
Curtis HamelinCurtis Hamelin
11:23 28 Mar 24
Beatrice NyamburaBeatrice Nyambura
19:11 27 Mar 24
Dominique LauzonDominique Lauzon
00:02 26 Mar 24
Dilani JayarathnaDilani Jayarathna
22:03 24 Mar 24
20:48 24 Mar 24
My instructor Hawley Lapine was the best I have had. If he would have been my professor when I was in nursing I would have passed with better grades. He is also witty, intelligent and very interesting as a person. He is warm and quite personable. I know he is retiring and I honestly feel sad for those who won’t have the chance to learn from him. Thank you for the 2 days of learning more than I thought I would
Dan MosesDan Moses
20:31 20 Mar 24
It’s was an excellent lecture from Mr.Rymon, at the Cambridge branch.
Rowland NonsoRowland Nonso
18:38 20 Mar 24
The course was great and I so enjoyed itRymon was great 👍
Enongene NtokoEnongene Ntoko
22:50 17 Mar 24
Great teacher with alot of experience, nice and understanding group we hard.
William WhitfieldWilliam Whitfield
22:32 17 Mar 24
I had a wonderful training experience with my instructor, Hawley Lepine. I learned more than just first aid; he shared many personal experiences related to the importance of first aid which I appreciate so much.
Mike RossignolMike Rossignol
19:20 13 Mar 24
T CharbonneauT Charbonneau
15:59 11 Mar 24
Jad IbrahimJad Ibrahim
14:02 11 Mar 24
Booking training was effortless and the training itself was great. The instructor explained well and kept our attention, they were also able to adapt to people's individual skills. Would recommend to anyone.
We the NorthWe the North
20:54 08 Mar 24
Jad IbrahimJad Ibrahim
15:39 08 Mar 24
Michelle ArensMichelle Arens
21:18 06 Mar 24
David Smith was an excellent instructor! The class was interesting, comprehensive and fun! I highly recommend these classes for anyone.
20:43 06 Mar 24
Charles JeffCharles Jeff
20:36 06 Mar 24
TonyKell PaulTonyKell Paul
18:12 04 Mar 24
Perry BrownPerry Brown
15:20 04 Mar 24
Daniele RochaDaniele Rocha
00:56 04 Mar 24
Jocelyne MorissetteJocelyne Morissette
02:07 03 Mar 24
Reem was very patient and professional. Learned a lot even if this was a refresher course
Kevin de HaanKevin de Haan
01:16 03 Mar 24
Awesome trainer, very nice with great sense of humor combined with sense of importance to detail
Kaitlin SchisslerKaitlin Schissler
03:47 01 Mar 24
egunlola akintayoegunlola akintayo
00:44 29 Feb 24
Sherry SmithSherry Smith
20:42 28 Feb 24
I have done this course numerous times over the years and always found them long and tiring. I just completed the 2 day course and really enjoyed it. David Smith was my trainer this time around and I really hope to have him as my trainer in 3 years again. He made this course fun and it was not boring. He is an amazing trainer definitely the best.
meghan dalgleishmeghan dalgleish
20:37 28 Feb 24
The instructor David Smith taught this course very well at the Ottawa location at 700 industrial Ave. He created a welcoming and supportive learning environment and I had a great experience here
May EngelhardtMay Engelhardt
21:01 26 Feb 24
Roger ReaumeRoger Reaume
19:23 26 Feb 24
Dr.Mohamud LiireDr.Mohamud Liire
22:41 25 Feb 24
Wuraola OgunWuraola Ogun
21:53 25 Feb 24
It was an interesting training, the facilitator had a lot of practical experiences which made it easy
luwice ndiforluwice ndifor
01:12 19 Feb 24
It was a wonderful experience getting the first aid training at First Aid 4u. it'll a long way to arm me and get me ready to intervene and provide first aid solutions in incidence and cases where necessary.
Emilie GauthierEmilie Gauthier
18:34 16 Feb 24
James RussellJames Russell
23:52 15 Feb 24
Learned alot and much appreciation to David Smith for being an amazing instructor, and very informative. Thank you
Sacha BSacha B
22:17 14 Feb 24
Instructor David is amazing and makes learning the material fun. He makes the most of all the material he has to teach, he involves the whole class, asks for volunteers and what I liked the most is on the second day (if you take the two day in class) if that he has a jeopardy like game that you get to practice what you learnt the previous day. This really helped for the test at the end of day two. Thank you David for a surprisingly fun two days of relearning CPR/FIRST AID.
Mekias WondimuMekias Wondimu
22:15 14 Feb 24
The instructor was excellent and skillful. (David Smith) I recently completed the Standard First Aid & CPR Level C course by 2nd shat, bec my first day was to boring and wasn't feeling well but, i learned a lot from those days for me amazing teaching with a new instructor again Mr David Smith has different way to teach a student he knows i get a good potential, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn life-saving skills. The instructor was very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. He explained the concepts clearly and demonstrated the techniques effectively.
Joloclay FamilyJoloclay Family
02:20 13 Feb 24
Fazulrahman rahmaniFazulrahman rahmani
20:46 12 Feb 24
Matthias BMatthias B
14:58 12 Feb 24
Hawley ( the instructor) is a beauty, he cares a lot and makes it interesting! You're in for some good stories if you are blessed enough to get him as an instructor.
Maryam DrisMaryam Dris
02:26 12 Feb 24
The instructor Hawley, was good and knowledgeable but the classroom setting not ideal, and small for a big group.
Great course-above expectations- by First Aid 4U and Hawley was a fantastic instructor. I do recommend it and will check on other courses in the future. Thank you!
jessica taylorjessica taylor
16:15 11 Feb 24
Rob de CarufelRob de Carufel
21:44 10 Feb 24
The instructor was very clear and knowledgeable on every part and section. I will be recommending this course to everyone.
Brijesh MistryBrijesh Mistry
21:49 09 Feb 24
It was an in depth teaching by Aurangzeband of cause with a fun.
Jason MWJason MW
14:00 09 Feb 24
First Aid 4U: CambridgeRafaat and Rymon were excellent trainers and made the course training enjoyable.
Valerie ngala ChuyeValerie ngala Chuye
09:49 09 Feb 24
It was an amazing experience, leaning with fun , great practical experience, will definitely recommend to everyone, thanks to Mr David smith
Jude LancasterJude Lancaster
19:42 06 Feb 24
Rania MouaiciRania Mouaici
18:30 05 Feb 24
15:32 04 Feb 24
Basira WardakBasira Wardak
01:20 01 Feb 24