How we are addressing COVID-19 concerns

Why do you no longer offer CPR Level HCP? What is BLS?
As of January 2019, Canadian Red Cross training partners, including First AID 4U are now offering BLS (Basic Life Support) courses. BLS has replaced the HCP (Healthcare Provider) course. BLS is a more accurate and up to date version of the HCP course. Some (but not all) of the information included in BLS training is as follows: Glove Removal, Primary Assessment, CPR, AED training, Airway Obstruction, Assisted Ventilation and Basic Life Support special considerations including ethics, the 6 rights of medication, trauma, hypothermia, post cardiac arrest care and more.
What should I bring to my course?
We recommend bringing paper and a pen to take notes, a water-bottle and your lunch to the course. We also recommend you wear comfortable clothing (such as active wear) as you will be moving about the room and practicing various skills on the floor.
When will I receive my certificate?
Your certificate will be emailed to you from the Canadian Red Cross approximately 7 business days after you have completed your course.
If you did not provide an email address, or a unique email address for your booking, your certificate will be mailed to you from the Red Cross (general expected timing for this is 2-4 weeks).
Do I qualify for a Re-certification Course?

As a Red Cross Training Partner, First Aid 4U is able to offer re-certification courses for Red Cross CPR C/AED and Standard First Aid with CPR C/AED. ***Emergency First Aid is not eligible for re-certification in Ontario due to WSIB Regulations.**

In order to qualify for a re-certification course, you must meet the following criteria; 1) Your certificate must be valid (it cannot be expired), 2) Your certificate must have been issued by the Canadian Red Cross and, 3) If you are re-certifying Standard First Aid with CPR C/AED, your certificate must state that you are “certified in” not “re-certified in”

Why can First Aid 4U only re-certify Red Cross Certificates?
In Ontario first aid training is regulated by the WSIB; they state “You can renew your standard first aid certificate one time by completing a one-day standard first aid renewal course with the original provider before your original certificate expires. The new certificate will state “renewal” on it.” Link to WSIB FAQ Section
Is the training approved by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)?

Yes, we are a registered Canadian Red Cross training partner and we offer the full Canadian Red Cross training program.  All our courses meet WSIB guidelines for workplace First Aid and CPR training. To see a list of WSIB-approved first aid and CPR providers, please follow the link (the program that we run is listed as “The Canadian Red Cross Society”).