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“Defibrillator placement and training are essential steps in helping Canadians save lives,” says Bobbe Wood, CEO, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. “This is an important policy recommendation which was identified in the Canadian Heart Health Action Plan.”

Up to 85 per cent of all cardiac arrests occur in public settings or homes.

Less than five per cent of victims who have a cardiac arrest outside of hospital survive. The early use of a defibrillator along with CPR before the arrival of emergency services can increase the individual’s chance of survival by up to 75 per cent. This is critical, given that the survival rate decreases seven to 10 per cent with every passing minute.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation has been advocating for an increased number of defibrillators and training in communities to give Canadians the tools and knowledge they need to respond in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Order An AED and Help to Save Lives!

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luwice ndiforluwice ndifor
01:12 19 Feb 24
It was a wonderful experience getting the first aid training at First Aid 4u. it'll a long way to arm me and get me ready to intervene and provide first aid solutions in incidence and cases where necessary.
Emilie GauthierEmilie Gauthier
18:34 16 Feb 24
James RussellJames Russell
23:52 15 Feb 24
Learned alot and much appreciation to David Smith for being an amazing instructor, and very informative. Thank you
Sacha BSacha B
22:17 14 Feb 24
Instructor David is amazing and makes learning the material fun. He makes the most of all the material he has to teach, he involves the whole class, asks for volunteers and what I liked the most is on the second day (if you take the two day in class) if that he has a jeopardy like game that you get to practice what you learnt the previous day. This really helped for the test at the end of day two. Thank you David for a surprisingly fun two days of relearning CPR/FIRST AID.
Mekias WondimuMekias Wondimu
22:15 14 Feb 24
The instructor was excellent and skillful. (David Smith) I recently completed the Standard First Aid & CPR Level C course by 2nd shat, bec my first day was to boring and wasn't feeling well but, i learned a lot from those days for me amazing teaching with a new instructor again Mr David Smith has different way to teach a student he knows i get a good potential, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn life-saving skills. The instructor was very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. He explained the concepts clearly and demonstrated the techniques effectively.
Joloclay FamilyJoloclay Family
02:20 13 Feb 24
Fazulrahman rahmaniFazulrahman rahmani
20:46 12 Feb 24
Matthias BMatthias B
14:58 12 Feb 24
Hawley ( the instructor) is a beauty, he cares a lot and makes it interesting! You're in for some good stories if you are blessed enough to get him as an instructor.
Maryam DrisMaryam Dris
02:26 12 Feb 24
The instructor Hawley, was good and knowledgeable but the classroom setting not ideal, and small for a big group.
Great course-above expectations- by First Aid 4U and Hawley was a fantastic instructor. I do recommend it and will check on other courses in the future. Thank you!
jessica taylorjessica taylor
16:15 11 Feb 24
Rob de CarufelRob de Carufel
21:44 10 Feb 24
The instructor was very clear and knowledgeable on every part and section. I will be recommending this course to everyone.
Brijesh MistryBrijesh Mistry
21:49 09 Feb 24
It was an in depth teaching by Aurangzeband of cause with a fun.
Jason MWJason MW
14:00 09 Feb 24
First Aid 4U: CambridgeRafaat and Rymon were excellent trainers and made the course training enjoyable.
Valerie ngala ChuyeValerie ngala Chuye
09:49 09 Feb 24
It was an amazing experience, leaning with fun , great practical experience, will definitely recommend to everyone, thanks to Mr David smith
Jude LancasterJude Lancaster
19:42 06 Feb 24
Rania MouaiciRania Mouaici
18:30 05 Feb 24
15:32 04 Feb 24
Basira WardakBasira Wardak
01:20 01 Feb 24
I highly recommend the first AID 4U specially the Brampton location , professional instructors specifically Mr Avrangzeb he is so friendly and knowledgeable guy .
Rodney SaldanhaRodney Saldanha
22:53 30 Jan 24
Marina AndrawisMarina Andrawis
15:30 29 Jan 24
ambrose ojoko fatherambrose ojoko father
21:28 24 Jan 24
Fantastic Experience
Heather WestawayHeather Westaway
18:44 22 Jan 24
karen marilynortkaren marilynort
15:02 22 Jan 24
Rachel JacobsRachel Jacobs
04:09 18 Jan 24
Linda ALinda A
01:07 18 Jan 24
Excellent! Instructor (Irene) was terrific. Provided real life examples, lots of practical and great encouragement throughout the course. Left with a high comfort level that I could help others who need first aid or CPR. Well done 👍🏻
John NobleJohn Noble
23:19 12 Jan 24
Great knowledge and great instructor. Learned a lot and the instructor was great at putting us at ease and very helpful.
Gihan GergesGihan Gerges
22:56 12 Jan 24
Nicole WhiteNicole White
01:14 12 Jan 24
Mr Amir is really good at what he does. Satisfied 😊😊
karen hernandezkaren hernandez
13:27 08 Jan 24
Clear, concise and relevant.
Patrick EffahPatrick Effah
00:39 08 Jan 24
The class was intensive. The instructor knows his game very well. However, I would like to suggest, being a professional teacher myself, that intermittent short breaks would be helpful for students/participants to refresh a bit. I felt, like other students very tired at a point and some other participants expressed the same sentiments. This is a humble suggestion though.Thank you.
Harpreet KaurHarpreet Kaur
17:43 07 Jan 24
Veronique ChausseVeronique Chausse
01:13 07 Jan 24
Annie SimonsAnnie Simons
15:32 22 Dec 23
David was a wonderful instructor and clearly took care to make the class as educational and interesting as possible.
Christina Van WandelenChristina Van Wandelen
14:05 17 Dec 23
The instructor Rowa was amazing! Very engaging and knowledgeable!
Jessica HernandezJessica Hernandez
01:57 16 Dec 23
Olufemi JohnsonOlufemi Johnson
01:17 16 Dec 23
Perfect presentation.David is the best !!
Joie SamJoie Sam
23:12 11 Dec 23
Thank you, Maged for another incredible training experience!!!
Tabitha CasarinTabitha Casarin
04:08 07 Dec 23
The course was very informative and smitty was great
Hanan NasrHanan Nasr
19:52 06 Dec 23
Dr Rymon Issac was an incredible help at the first aid training thank you so much for ur help and support -Sincerley Hanan
Ferdinand KronbergerFerdinand Kronberger
13:09 04 Dec 23
Great facilitator and very valuable course.
Rock CoulombeRock Coulombe
13:25 03 Dec 23
The course was informative , well structured and Hawley did an excellent job of presenting the material!
Kamini YadavKamini Yadav
15:33 01 Dec 23
mariah wattersmariah watters
02:33 01 Dec 23
Mike was a great teacher/ instructor who was engaging and responsive to the students !! He had shown alot of knowledge and helped the class to know this knowledge rather than just memorize it. He definitely helped prepare me for real life emergencies .
Meghan StewMeghan Stew
19:55 28 Nov 23
James JJames J
20:09 27 Nov 23
Kali makes the in class time fun and interactive. The day went quickly.
Sydney MageeSydney Magee
14:51 26 Nov 23
shauna koshauna ko
23:01 25 Nov 23
Ruth BonkRuth Bonk
11:59 24 Nov 23
Excellent, welcoming, personable, accommodating and knowledgeable instructor.The company has issues with admin. Advertised time for my course was 9-1. The first thing we were told in the classroom was 9-2. Also my certificate did not come as promised so I had to email and phone to receive it.
20:02 22 Nov 23
I really appreciated this course and the teacher David Smith is high professional and inspiration for help people. Thank you so much!I definitely RECOMMEND!
Jose OdiniJose Odini
00:03 19 Nov 23
Excellent training and experience with a very knowledgeable and practical instructor. Many thanks!
shiju josephshiju joseph
19:04 17 Nov 23
Alkarim NazaraliAlkarim Nazarali
19:49 14 Nov 23
Excellent experience, the instructor, Smitty, was fantastic. He was not dry, I did not fall asleep during the training. He is very engaging and you could tell he had experience and brought this out wonderfully through his training and coaching.
Roann DacutanRoann Dacutan
20:56 12 Nov 23
Mario LaurinMario Laurin
19:00 09 Nov 23
Great class. Glad I went.
Pamela TreiberPamela Treiber
19:58 08 Nov 23
Smitty was a great instructor, brought lots of personal insight and experiences.
Paula SimonsPaula Simons
15:06 06 Nov 23
Lots of information. Good class
Tiffany KistersTiffany Kisters
01:29 04 Nov 23
I would highly recommend First Aid 4U for any of your First Aid training needs. I completed my Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C through First Aid 4U, a Canadian Red Cross training partner. Our instructor, Hawley, was very personable, and easy to follow. He often gave examples of real-life scenarios that he’s found himself in, or situations in which our training could play out in the real world. Our class was really interactive. I took First Aid & CPR/AED Level C many years ago, around 2010, and aside from the gap in time/evolving knowledge, I learned more about the same topics now than I did back then! Awesome work, First Aid 4U!
Dave ZasuchaDave Zasucha
23:10 03 Nov 23
Rymon was very professional and made the course fun. I truly enjoyed myself at the Brantford course.
Diane BarcelosDiane Barcelos
00:49 03 Nov 23
I had a great time in class today with the wonderful David "smitty"smith.I learned a ton today. He has a way with how he explains things that really make you think..about scenarios in that may arise in real life..he is beyond knowledgable! His personal experiences really moved me with what he has dealt with..he is straight to the point and blunt in a really good way.we laughed a lot.we learned a lot and he truly is a great instructor.i was nervous about this but with all his information ontop of the slides he made me super confident and passed with 100 percent.thanks a bunch!
21:30 01 Nov 23
The instructor Ramon is a great teacher
Manpreet KaurManpreet Kaur
18:54 31 Oct 23
Highly recommendedVery Good instructor @ Raymon. Perfect knowledge. I really enjoyed the course.
Sally GabroSally Gabro
16:22 30 Oct 23
Iman KhalafIman Khalaf
21:37 29 Oct 23
It was an excellent course and great Instructor with a huge learning experience. Thank you so much
Bad Fingers61Bad Fingers61
02:44 24 Oct 23
Very knowledgeable instructor (Emely), very energetic, and shared her experience as a First responder. Good class set up, and many training aids available. Definitely recommend First Ais 4U.
00:58 24 Oct 23
Rymond was a wonderful instructor. He was clear and consistent and taught all the important parts in a fun and engaging way. I would highly recommend him! He is also quite funny! Excellent experience with a fabulous teacher!
Martha favourMartha favour
22:16 21 Oct 23
David is an amazing instructor loaded with knowledge. Thank you for this opportunity.
marie buddenmarie budden
01:54 16 Oct 23
Amazing. Excellent Teacher.
Malcolm O'BrienMalcolm O'Brien
22:52 12 Oct 23
David was a very good instructor. Very informative and well spoke!
Ryan RintoulRyan Rintoul
18:16 11 Oct 23
Great Course! David Smith was a pleasure to work with and very thorough!
soumya palatharasoumya palathara
19:04 10 Oct 23
rapheal valentinerapheal valentine
18:03 10 Oct 23
Nice and fully detailed course content….
Sharla MSharla M
20:38 05 Oct 23
Lisa was great and the blended course was much nicer than needing to take two full days off to complete everything in person.
Jason FawcettJason Fawcett
13:05 03 Oct 23
David Smith is an excellent instructor, focusing on the important points in an interesting way. Thanks!
Aitak SeifiAitak Seifi
03:01 02 Oct 23
The ReidsThe Reids
00:09 02 Oct 23
Eve FuerteEve Fuerte
00:03 02 Oct 23
Leanne JewettLeanne Jewett
20:05 01 Oct 23
Dr.Heba was fantastic! Made the day go by super quick.