Standard First Aid Recertification Information

Requirements to Qualify (all must be met):

Is your current certificate issued by the Canadian Red Cross?
First Aid 4U is a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner. Current WSIB regulations mandate that we are not able to recertify other providers certificates (St. John’s Ambulance for example).

Do you have a current, valid Canadian Red Cross Certificate In either Standard First Aid, or CPR?
Your Certificate must be issued by the Canadian Red Cross and not be expired by the time you attend a course (meaning if your certificate was issued on December 15th, 2018, you will be eligible to attend recertification up to December 14th, 2021).  Recertification is only valid in Ontario under WSIB Regulations; for Standard First Aid, or CPR. Emergency First Aid is not eligible for Recertification (if you require Emergency First Aid click HERE to register!).

Did you attend a full class last time you were certified?
Your certificate should state “Your Name – Is Certified In …” as you are only eligible to recertify a full certificate. If your certificate states “Your Name is Recertified in …” you will not be eligible for recertification. ****For visual clarification scroll down to see certificate examples****


Additional Information:

Once registered, you will be required to send in a copy of your current certificate for validation.
You will be prompted after registration to submit a copy of your current certificate to our head office for validation. This ensures that you are able to attend the course without issue and make it easier for your during check in as you will not be required to bring a hardcopy of your certificate if we pre-verify your booking.

How do I obtain my current certificate?
To access your current Canadian Red Cross Certificate you can log into your My Red Cross Account ( ) and you can download a PDF copy of your certificate under My Profile > My Certifications. If you need any assistance please feel free to contact us directly

Why Can't I recertify CPR Level HCP anymore?
As of January 1st 2019 CPR Level HCP was transitioned to Basic Life Support (BLS) and has been removed as a course offering by the Red Cross since then. If you are looking to maintain this level please take a look at our available BLS Class HERE

Other Options for Renewal

Eligible Certificate Example

You will note the Certificate:

  • Issued by the Canadian Red Cross,
  • States “Is Certified In”, 
  • The level of training is either Standard First Aid or CPR alone (not Emergency First Aid) and,
  • Lastly (assuming course is attended on or before September 30, 2022) the certificate would not be expired.

Ineligible Certificate Example

Our most common identifier is highlighted in this certificate. You will see “Is Recetified In” listed on the certificate and this would make this certificate ineligible for recertification. Other Examples Listed Below:

  • Certificate was not issued by the Canadian Red Cross (St. John’s Ambulance for example),
  • The level of training stated Emergency First Aid or,
  • Lastly, Certificate is considered expired. Please note; your certificate is valid until the Expiry date, however the course you attend must finish, on, or before that date.

Emergency First Aid Renewal

Emergency First Aid is not eligible for recertification under WSIB regulations. Being an already condensed course, you will simply renew your certificate in another course. If you are required to maintain valid certification, be sure to renew on or before your certificate expiration date. To book into an Emergency First Aid Class click HERE!

CPR Level C Renewal

If you require only CPR Level C – Click HERE to be redirected.

Basic Life Support (BLS/HCP) Renewal

If you require your BLS renewed – Click HERE to be redirected.

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