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Bradley Halo Eye & Face wash


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Wall mount unit

10-3/4 inch stainless steel bowl

The Halo eye/face wash system offers a high performance rinsing platform that provides rapid relief to an individual’s eyes and face that have been injured by chemicals or particulate. This system provides the most complete face wash available in the market. The eye/face wash includes an integral 5.1 GPM (19.2 L) flow control, providing water at a safe velocity while maintaining its effectiveness (exceeds minimum water flow of 3.0 GPM (11.4 L) at 30 PSI (2.0 bar)). Eye/face wash is protected by flip open dust covers that open when product is activated or by a full bowl dust cover that activates the unit when it is opened. Safe, steady water flow under varying water supply conditions from 30–90 PSI (2.0-6.1 bar) is assured by integral flow control in the sprayhead assembly. Sprayheads are made from an impact resistant ABS plastic.

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Weight7.5 kg
Dimensions55.8 × 38.1 × 29.21 cm