Red Cross Instructor Recertification

First Aid 4U offers a variety of in-class and virtual delivery options for Red Cross instructor recertification. The Red Cross recertification model has changed significantly in 2020. Instructors will now recertify each of their certifications separately (First Aid Instructor, First Responder Instructor, Wilderness & Remote First Aid Instructor, etc.). Every discipline will attend a four-hour Instructor Recertification Hub, and then additional discipline-specific spokes as needed. This new model respects the difference in skills needed and target audiences for each discipline. The four-hour Instructor Recertification Hub focusses on professional development, while the discipline-specific components focus on skills and scenarios for the specific audience to which Instructors are teaching skills.

The Recertification Hub also acts as a recertification for your Teaching Experience Supervisor certificate if applicable. 

Youth Leader Recertification is a fully online course completed through the Red Cross directly. To register login to My Red Cross ; select My Profile > My Updates > and select “Youth Leader Online Recertification”. Please remember your current Youth Leader Certificate must be valid, and you must hold a current Standard First Aid certificate (if you are also a First Aid & CPR Instructor your SFA Certificate is renewed alongside your FAI Discipline Specific).

Recertification Example: 

If you are currently certified as a Red Cross First Aid Instructor, BLS Instructor, and Teaching Experience Supervisor your recertification would look like:

  • Step 1: Recertification Hub
    • Complete the 4 Hour Hub portion in-class or virtually.
    • Once completed, your TES certificate would be considered recertified and you are now valid to move on to your discipline specific.
    • You are only required to complete the Hub once every 3 years and you are valid to attend any Discipline specific classes during that period (for example if your FAI expires in 2021, and BLS in 2022, you do not need to redo the hub in 2022 when you look to recertify your BLS).
  • Step 2: Discipline Specific
    • You will be required to complete the First Aid Discipline Specific (FAI) as well as the Professional Responder Discipline Specific (BLS-I). Each course will run 4 hours.
    • These do not need to be completed in order, however the Hub and Discipline must be completed prior to your expiration date.