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Hands Free Liquid Dispenser – Wall Mount Zapagerm


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Zapagerm Hands Free Dispenser – Wall Mounted Version

The wall mounted unit comes with an instruction booklet and the required drywall anchors for installation and is designed to work with Zapagerm liquid hand sanitizer. Effective use is about 30,000 spray cycles with the battery powered system.  It should be noted that the batteries are not included.  Four Size ‘C’ Batteries (1.5 v) are needed for proper operation.
The 1000 ml internal reservoir allows for ~1,250 applications of product before needing to be refilled. Opening key for refilling the product is also supplied.

Once installed the user simply has to place their hand below the unit and the solution will be discharged into their fingers and palm. Feel free to watch the demonstration video below this product description.  It is also available as a pedestal model in the online store.

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Zapagerm Hand Sanitizer (sold separately) is Aloe Vera infused, with 80% Alcohol within the solution.  Sold in a 500 ml (16.9 fl. oz.) bottles.  This concentration level of alcohol kills 99.9% of germs when used properly.   With the infusion of Aloe Vera you can be assured that repetitive use of the product will reduce the impact on your skin.

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