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Face Shield – PPE Splash Protection – Box of 100 ($6.99 per Shield)


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Made In Canada – This protective face shield is Recommended for a Single Use.

The face shield can be sterilized. Recommendations for sterilization can be found through the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
Note: Sterilization procedures have not yet been released from Health Canada.

For a single box of 100 face shields the cost is $6.99 for each face shield.  The face shields will come in a single box in multiple  polyurethane bags and will be branded with the First Aid 4 U logo.

This is a Class 1 Medical Device, Full Face, and liquid debris/particulate Face Shield that conforms to Health Canada Standards. It is not intended for open flame, sparks, and projectiles.   These shields are made from some of the same components which go into regular Personal Protective Equipment face shields for the medical trade. The materials for the components are sourced locally to ensure a strong supply chain.

The following materials may be appropriate for cleaning the product: Soap and water, 70%-90% isopropyl alcohol, or isopropyl (70%) wipes.

The following are NOT compatible with PET shields and should not be used to clean face shields: Hydrogen peroxide, Autoclave, soaking in isopropyl or organic solvents.

All sales are final on confirmation of shipping. No refunds or exchanges.  Full payment required prior to shipping.

Additional units can be made available on request.

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Weight3.18 kg
Dimensions51 × 30.5 × 30.5 cm

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