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KN95 Disposable Face Mask – 5 Pack


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KN95 Disposable Face Mask – Pack of 5 Masks 

Factory Sealed Pack of 5: $3.79/unit = $18.95

  • Filtration Efficiency rating of 98% and greater
  • Standard Blue in color
  • Pack of 5
  • 3 layer non woven fabric
  • Aluminum nose clip
  • Ear elastics fitting to ensure comfort

Filtering facepiece respirators (FFR), which are sometimes called disposable respirators, are subject to various regulatory standards around the world. These masks were supplied by the Red Cross.
This product is used for self-priming filter protection of all kinds of particles and can filter droplets / particles and viruses in the air.

KN95 is an industry standard and means that the mask provides the intended effectiveness of filtering small particles at a rate of 95% or greater.  These masks were tested and performed at 98% and higher Filtration Efficiency (FE) with particles of a mass median diameter of 0.3 micrometers. This mask can protect you well from PM10, PM2.5, and even smaller particles​.

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Weight0.028 kg
Dimensions12.7 × 12.7 × 1.27 cm