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Blended First Aid Training

Start Learning Online, Complete In-Class

While traditional first aid training takes place over the course of two separate days, we offer an alternative for busy people looking for a more convenient way to get first aid training in Northern Ontario. Thanks to First Aid 4U’s blended first aid training courses, you can learn much of the basics online, then attend one day of in-person first aid training. This gives you the required classroom first aid training such as hands-on learning for CPR and other first-aid basics. Before that, you’ll spend about six hours – whenever you like, wherever you like – learning the basics of first aid theory and practice.

All we ask is that you complete the online first aid training module before you attend the in-person first aid training session at one of our Northern Ontario First Aid 4U locations. WSIB temporary first aid training certificates are now being issued for those who have completed the online component while COVID-19 measures are in effect.

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How Blended Training Works

Curious about our blended first aid training in Sudbury, North Bay, Sault Ste-Marie or Thunder Bay? Here’s some helpful information.

Enrolment is easy and quick. Just fill out some info, submit your payment securely online and voila, you’ll be enrolled in a blended first aid training course. Not long after that you’ll be getting a link from us – this will send you to where your online first aid training module is located. You can access this course content anytime, from anywhere.

One thing that’s vital:
You MUST complete the online first aid training (six hours, give or take) prior to attending the in-class first aid training.

Why is this the case? There’s valuable information in the online first aid training module. It’s standard info and content that’s been approved by the Red Cross as a first aid training standard. You’ll need to know this material to be able to participate effectively in the one-day live training session. We cannot allow anyone who has not yet completed the online portion of the course to attend the in-person session. Your instructor will verify this at the start of the class before proceeding. Should anyone not have completed the online first aid training but show up to the course location anyway, he or she will be asked to leave and will not be able to obtain a refund or change of session date.

Once you have completed the booking process, all sales are deemed to be final after the online access has been issued to the participant(s).

Any modifications to an existing booking must occur more than 7 days before the in-class course session. Cancellations and/or re-scheduling of blended training courses are subject to an administrative fee of $25.00 + HST.

Participants must bring either a printed copy or digital copy (PDF, etc.) of the online completion certificate to the in-class session for the instructor to verify.

Obtaining Certification During Covid-19 Social Distancing Protocols:

You will receive access to your online content within 1 business day. Once the online modules are completed you will hold a WSIB Approved Interim Certificate. This Certificate will be valid during Social Distancing Protocols, after this point in time you will simply attend your in-class portion and receive your full certification.

If you do not see any dates below that fit your schedule – Register for the online portion HERE and you will be on our list to have first access to classes added once Social Distancing Protocols are over and in-class sessions resume.

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